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[520] En Red D'Tulips | Red Tulips Bouquet

[520] En Red D'Tulips | Red Tulips Bouquet

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En Red D'Tulips

Other than the classic red roses why not red tulips? Red tulips are one of the popular choices among the romantics out there, their deep red tone releases feelings of passion, love and lust.

Red tulips are considered a symbol of love and passion. They are native to the mountainous regions of Central Asia and were brought to Europe by Turkish traders in the 16th century. It is said that the vibrant color of the red tulip was so intense that in the Netherlands, it was called the "Flame Tulip." Red tulips also have an interesting legend associated with them. It's said that a prince fell in love with a beautiful girl and declared his love to her with a single red tulip. The girl, however, did not return his affections and the tulip withered away. To this day, red tulips are said to represent a broken heart.

Fun Facts about Tulips

  • Their buds are well known for almost being symmetrical to one another!
  • Tulips fall into the lily's family.
  • Tulips are said to signal the arrival of spring!

Perfect Ocassion for: All Occasion

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*Please note that our selection of flowers may differ slightly from the pictures on this page in terms of tone and shade. There is nothing more beautiful than nature! You can rest assured that the color schemes and style will remain in accordance with your preference.

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