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Flowers in Korean Drama

Flowers in Korean Drama

While there are many different themes and plot lines for Korean dramas, one of the most common tropes across the board is flowers. Beyond just being pretty to look at, these blooms represent a variety of things in each drama from love and beauty to sadness and grief. In this blog post, we'll take a look at how flowers have been used in Korean dramas as symbols and why they remain so popular. We'll also explore the deeper meaning behind some of the most iconic flower scenes in Korean drama history and how you can incorporate them into your own life.

What are some of the most popular flowers in Korean dramas?

While the humble daisy is a popular choice for westerners, in Korea, the flower of choice is often the rose. Roses are seen as symbols of love, so it's no surprise that they're often given to characters in Korean dramas as gifts from one romantic interest to another. Other popular flowers include lilies, which symbolize purity and innocence, and lotuses, which represent new beginnings.
In addition, sunflowers are also quite popular in Korean dramas. They symbolize loyalty and faithfulness and are often seen in romantic scenes. Chrysanthemums are also frequently used, as they represent beauty and longevity – perfect for a show that’s meant to last!

What do these flowers symbolize?

Different flowers have different meanings in Korean dramas. For example, roses symbolize love, while lotuses symbolize purity. Sunflowers can symbolize either happiness or loyalty, depending on the context.

Flowers are often used as symbols in Korean dramas to represent the emotions of the characters. Sometimes a character will give a flower to another character to show their feelings, or a character might receive a bouquet of flowers that represents how someone feels about them.

Roses are the most popular flower in Korean dramas, and they are often given as gifts to express love or appreciation. Roses can also be used to apologize, as they are seen as a way to show remorse.

Lotuses are another popular flower in Korean dramas, and they typically symbolize purity and innocence. A lotus flower is often given to a character who has been wronged, as it represents the hope for redemption and forgiveness.

Sunflowers are also frequently seen in Korean dramas, and they can represent either happiness or loyalty, depending on the context. Sunflowers are sometimes given as gifts to express admiration or gratitude, while other times they may be given to show support or encouragement during difficult times.

How are flowers used in Korean dramas?

In Korean dramas, flowers are often used to symbolize the innocence of young love. They also represent the hope and purity of new beginnings. White flowers are commonly seen in scenes where two people are falling in love or getting married.

What are some of the most iconic scenes involving flowers in Korean dramas?

Korean dramas are filled with iconic scenes involving flowers. From the first meeting between lovers to the final goodbye, flowers play a vital role in telling the story of a Korean drama.

Some of the most iconic scenes involving flowers in Korean dramas include:

-The first meeting between lovers: This is often a scene where the male lead gives the female lead a flower, signifying their new relationship.

-A proposal: In many Korean dramas, the male lead will propose to the female lead with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

-The final goodbye: Flowers are often used in Korean dramas to signify the end of a relationship. This can be either a sad or happy ending, but either way, it is always a memorable scene.


In conclusion, flowers have a rich symbolism in Korean culture and dramas. They are used to express complex emotions and can add additional depth to any scene. Whether presented as romantic tokens of love, sad reminders of loss or cheerful expressions of joy, the use of flowers in Korean dramas adds an extra layer that viewers can appreciate and enjoy. With the right knowledge of flower meanings, you can now create your own interpretation when watching these amazing shows!


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