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Is Sending Flowers To Work A Good Idea?

Is Sending Flowers To Work A Good Idea?

Is Sending Flowers To Work A Good Idea?


Sending flowers to work is a great idea. It shows that you're thinking about the recipient and can be an excellent way to brighten up their day, especially when times are tough.

Make sure your workplace is cool with flowers. However, there are some things you should do to make this gesture appear thoughtful rather than creepy or strange. Here's how:


When you're considering sending flowers to work, one important question is: will it be okay with my boss? It might seem obvious, but don't assume that everyone is open to receiving flowers at work.

Some workplaces have strict policies about gifts or gifts from a significant other (like a boyfriend), so it's best to check before buying. If your office does allow for flowers, keep in mind that some offices have no-flowers-in-the-office policies too.

Sometimes these policies are put in place because of allergies or other health concerns, especially if they're using shared equipment like food processors or coffee machines.

So if there's no specific mention of "no flowers" in any written literature about your workplace, then proceed with caution. Do some research on their website and ask around before making a purchase for anyone else but yourself.

Choose a good florist.

Choosing a florist is one of the most important things you can do. You want to choose someone who is close to your workplace, so they will get there on time and be able to deliver your flowers in person.

Also, ask friends and family for recommendations of florists near your workplace. If they have used them before, that's even better.

Check out the website of any florist that you're considering using. It should have pictures or videos showing how their arrangements are arranged as well as details about how much each type costs per bundle or vase size.

This can help with choosing which arrangement would be best suited towards what occasion/occasion type (i.e., birthdays vs. anniversaries vs. graduations).

Figure out who to send the flowers to.

If you're sending flowers to your boss, consider choosing someone else who might be able to enjoy them along with them. This can be tricky, especially if there are a lot of people in the office. Maybe pick out one person who works at their desk during the day and another one that does works from home.

If you don't know any of these people individually and aren't sure which person will appreciate it most, send the flowers to the receptionist or office manager.

They'll know how best to distribute them without hurting feelings or sparking gossip among co-workers.

Go for something that's easy to work with.

When shopping for flowers, it's easy to get carried away and buy far more than you need. The easiest route is to find something that doesn't need a lot of maintenance. Flowers that don't wilt easily or can keep in water without getting too soggy are your best bets.

For example, a bouquet of tulips will last longer if they're not submerged in water all the time. If you decide on another type of flower, look up how often it needs to be refilled with water, some require daily attention.


Sending flowers to work is a great idea, but make sure you do it right. You don't want to send them anything that will get them in trouble with their boss.

Make sure the flowers are appropriate for the occasion and think about what message you're trying to send. If you're unsure what kind of flowers your friend likes, look at their social media accounts or ask someone who knows them well.


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