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A Dozen Red Roses for Valentine's Day

A Dozen Red Roses for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day for many of us, and there are lots of ways to express our love for someone. From chocolates to jewelry, flowers are always a classic way to show your affection. Especially in the case of roses – they can speak louder than words. But why roses? What’s so special about them? In this blog post, we’ll be exploring why roses are a timeless Valentine’s Day gift, why red roses are so popular, and how you can put an extra spin on your red rose gift this February 14th!

What is the history of Valentine's Day?


Valentine's Day is a holiday that has been celebrated for centuries. The exact origins of the holiday are unknown, but there are many theories about how it started. One theory is that the holiday originated from a pagan festival called Lupercalia. This festival was held every February 15th and was a celebration of fertility. During the festival, young men would strip naked and run through the streets hitting people with whips made of animal skin. Women would line up to be hit by the young men as they believed it would make them more fertile.

Another theory about the origins of Valentine's Day is that it was started by the early Christians in Rome. The Roman Emperor Claudius II banned marriage because he believed that married men made bad soldiers. A priest named Valentine defied the emperor's orders and continued to marry couples in secret. When Valentine was discovered, he was put to death. Some believe that this is how the holiday of Valentine's Day began.

Whatever the true origins of the holiday may be, it is now a day where people all over the world celebrate love and affection for one another.

What is the meaning behind giving red roses on Valentine's Day?

While the origins of giving red roses on Valentine's Day are unclear, the meaning behind the gesture is abundantly clear: red roses symbolize love.

Whether you're giving a single red rose to your significant other or a dozen red roses to your best friend, the message is always the same: I love you.

For many people, red roses are the most romantic flower, and there's no better way to say "I love you" than with a beautiful bouquet of red roses on Valentine's Day.

What does a Dozen Red Roses mean?

A Dozen Red Roses Bouquet

A Dozen Red Roses is the classic way to say "I Love You" on Valentine's Day. Roses have been associated with love and romance for centuries, making them the perfect gift for your special someone. The number 12 also has special significance, as it represents perfect love. Whether you're sending them to your spouse, significant other, or just a close friend, a dozen red roses is always a thoughtful gesture.

Who is this Best Gifted For?

Best gifted to: Wife, Girlfriend, Fiance, Mistress

If you are looking for a classic and romantic gift for Valentine's Day, look no further than a dozen red roses. This gift is perfect for anyone who loves the traditional symbols of love and romance.

How to Care for Your Red Roses

When it comes to expressing your love, nothing says “I care” like a dozen red roses. And while this classic Valentine’s Day gift is always a hit, it’s important to know how to properly care for your red roses so they last longer and stay fresh. Here are a few tips:

-Remove the thorns: Thorns can prick and damage the stems of your roses, causing them to wilt faster. Use a sharp knife or gardening shears to carefully remove the thorns.

-Trim the stems: Cut about an inch off the bottom of each stem at a 45-degree angle using sharp pruning shears. This will help the roses absorb water more easily.

-Add water: Fill a clean vase with fresh, cool water and add a packet of flower food for extra nutrients. Place your roses in the vase and make sure that the stems are submerged.

-Display in a cool location: Keep your roses out of direct sunlight and away from drafts or heaters. A cool, room temperature location is ideal.


There is no better way to express your love and affection this Valentine’s Day than with a dozen red roses. With their stunning beauty and timeless allure, these gorgeous blooms will surely capture the heart of your special someone. Whether you choose to buy a standard bouquet or an extravagant arrangement, you can be sure that your gesture will be greatly appreciated by your loved one. So get ready to make hearts flutter on February 14th with a beautiful display of twelve vibrant red roses!


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