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Collection: 520 [我爱你] Day 2023

This collection celebrates an endearing tradition of expressing love and affection, known as the "520 Day."

Originating from China, "520" is a special number because when pronounced in Mandarin, it sounds similar to "I love you." Hence, May 20 (5/20) has become a romantic holiday, akin to Valentine's Day, where individuals express their love and appreciation to their significant others. This charming tradition has since spread globally, and we are thrilled to bring its spirit to you through our unique collection.

In honor of this heartwarming occasion, we've designed a range of bouquets filled with passion and sentiment. Our 520 Day Collection boasts an exquisite assortment of floral arrangements, each crafted with care and precision. Using a mix of traditional romantic flowers like roses and tulips, along with an array of exotic and unique blooms, these bouquets are meant to express deep affection and love.

Let us help you celebrate 520 Day in a special and memorable way. Discover the perfect bouquet to say "I love you" in the language of flowers. With Any Day Florist, any day can be a celebration of love.

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